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Addie Hocynec


Addie Hocynec was born and raised in the Philadelphia area.  She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in art and had planned to go into the field of art therapy.  However, she took a slight detour and ended up in the field of Photography.  She graduated from Photography school and worked for several studios in the Philadelphia area as well as a printing house in The Netherlands.

Addie Hocynec was born and raised in the Philadelphia area.  In the 1990’s she attended a national art show where she was introduced to the fine art of silk painting.  She began exploring this medium and participating in many regional exhibition opportunities.  She enjoys working in a variety of media including photography, dyes on silk, pastels, oils, acrylics and digital fractals.  For the last five years she has been a member of a plein air painting group called the Peace Valley Plein Air Painters.

Addie is inspired by the many moods of nature and the seductive power of light and how it transforms the landscape.   She has had a life long fascination with color with all its nuances.  She finds the discovery process itself-a willingness to take chances and explore what each medium has to offer- to be refreshing and uplifting for the spirit.